Elderly Home Care: Know Your Options

Elderly Home Care: Know Your 2019 Options

Studies reveal that a home care service for seniors can be a perfect choice for their overall well-being. For this, you primarily have 2 options.

  1. Get a provider via a reputed agency
  2. Appoint one directly.

Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Appointing via a reputed home care service provider or agency

The main advantage to appointing a provider via the agency is you’re assured that the agency will manage every single process associated with screening, taxes & wages, etc which you’ll have to do on your own if you prefer to appoint a caregiver yourself. The second advantage to using an agency is you can request a substitute in case the caregiver falls sick. Besides, agencies offer workers with different skills for meeting different requirements.

A major drawback to using an agency for appointing a caregiver is since a number of care providers are likely to be used it might turn out to be confusing for the person receiving the care. Also, you might be limited in terms of the number of options & it might be more expensive as opposed to appointing an individual yourself.

  1. Appointing the caregiver by yourself

With direct appointing, odds are high that you’ll be able to develop a strong bond between the recipient & the care provider. Additionally, it’ll allow you to select the individual you consider to be most appropriate for the job. Also, it’ll be less expensive as opposed to appointing somebody via an agency.

The major disadvantage here is that you won’t be able to find a substitute whenever the appointed caregiver is unavailable and you’ll need to manage things like screening, wages, taxes, etc. on your own.

How to Interview the Applicants?

It’s not necessary to conduct a face to face interview with each person who applies for the job. It would be wise to screen them via a phone call. While doing your initial interview via telephone, ask your applicants how many hours & days they will be available along with other necessary job details. Also, ask them about their job history. Do a personal one on one interview with the candidates who sounds appropriate for the job. You can even ask the care recipient to participate during your interview with the applicants. After finding a suitable candidate for the job, make sure to make him/her sign the job contract for mutual safety.

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