Is the Medicare Supplement plan F going away?

As per the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) passed by the Congress, it became a law in April 16, 2015. It had altered the law on various spheres of health care. It can even cover in certain Medicare Supplement plans. As per the new law which will be valid from and after 1st January, 2020 the coverage of the policies for the Part B will be deductible as it won’t be sold and issued as any new beneficiary for the Medicare Supplement plans. This signifies that people who turn the age of 65 after the 2019, will not be able to enroll themselves in the Plan F. From 1st January, 2020 onwards, you the individuals of 65 years of age or more will not be held valid for enrolling in the Medicare Supplement C, one of the most possible alternatives of Plan F, because it covers the Part B deductible. However, in case you’re owning Plan F from the very beginning that will be held valid for you. The law will hold valid for the people who will be new in enrolling for the Plan F.

Will it cease to function?

Mutual of Omaha Medicare SupplementThe good news for the people however is that the people who will be enrolling for the Medicare Supplement Plan from 1st of January, 2020, the Part B deductible which will cease to cover the plan, isn’t a very big health-care cost which covers most of the expenses. According to the reports of 2018, the cost of Part B deductible is considered to be $183 each year. However, the cost as that of Part A deductible is seven times more than that of the Part B deductible. Most of the standardized Medicare Supplement plans in a number of states (apart from the Medicare Supplement Plan A) cover up 50% of the Medicare A deductible. Visit to view Medicare Supplement plans for 2019. The cost of the Medicare Part A deductible as of 2018 is considered to be $1340 which will be providing a benefit in each period.

What will be there instead of Plan F?

Since from 2020 the Plan F will cease to function, you won’t be able to enroll within it or even Plan C. Instead of that you can purchase the Medicare Supplement Plan G. The Medicare Supplement Plan G will almost be similar to cover Plan F. The Plan G will be covering all the offers of the Plan F. However, it won’t be offering the Part B deductible.