Medicare Advantage Plans at UnitedHealthcare (AARP)

If you are one of those who are enrolled in the Original Medicare right now and want to know more about the alternatives regarding the Medicare, then they can surely look for the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans. The Medicare Advantage plans offer a lot more healthcare benefits than what the federal government offers in form of the Original Medicare.

Quite different than the Original Medicare the Medicare Advantage plans offer a lot more advantages such as the Prescription drug coverage, hearing, vision, and dental services as well.  Medicare Advantage plans are also known as Part C plans, and UnitedHealthcare is one of private insurance companies which offer Medicare Advantage Plans because private insurers only offer these plans.


UnitedHealthcare offers a variety of health insurance Advantage plans, but not all of plans are available at every place.  AARP Medicare Advantage 2019 offers many options depending on the area you live in. Availability of different schemes at different locations is decided by private insurance provider (who offers health insurance Advantage plans) who is contracted with health insurance.  Plan alternatives and monthly premiums also vary on basis of location. Therefore, it is recommended that one should choose the scheme with great care and thinking because it is possible that someone chooses a scheme which does not fall in his or her budget.

UnitedHealthcare HMO Plan

HMO is abbreviation of Health Maintenance Organization, and these schemes are considered to be more affordable than others, and reason for that is that private insurers such as UnitedHealthcare talk with healthcare providers in their network to provide their (UnitedHealthcare) members with excellent care at low costs. Following are some of characteristics of HMO schemes (and you should look at that before enrolling):

  • HMO plan restricts its members to get their healthcare services only from within plan’s network of providers, and if you wish to get service from out of network then plan will not provide you with coverage, and you will have to pay all by your pocket.
  • In case of emergency situations or  urgent care, you can opt for  healthcare out of  plan’s network, and  plan will still provide you coverage because that is based on  human rights.
  • Selecting a primary care doctor is necessary for overseeing your health. However, if you wish to see a specialist, then you will need a referral. Obeying all rules and laws of Medicare Advantage plan is very essential such as getting initial authorization or referral because otherwise, you will have to pay up in full.